Ready to Launch Your Startup?

IdeaGist 2018 Global Cohort IdeaGist Virtual Incubator plans to help a large number of people with innovative ideas in launching their startups. We are currently accepting applications from entrepreneurs with early-stage ideas. If you already have a product developed, this program may not help you much.

Why IdeaGist Global 2018

We all come up with ideas, but coming up with an idea is not a ticket to success unless it’s put into action. There are many challenges idea makers must overcome in order to convert their ideas into a successful business. Some common challenges that often hold us back include the intractable inner dialogues you may be able to relate to, such as:
- I am good at what I do but I am not an expert in every aspect of running a business.
- I rely on my paycheck and leaving my job to work on an idea is not a risk that I can take.
- I don’t have enough money to start a business
- I have a great idea and all I need is …. (fill in the blank—an investor, a programmer, a developer, an app developer, a marketing person, etc.)


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